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__tCoders is a coding society founded by students possessing a vision of wanting to solve the world's big problems using technology. Currently at 92 members strong, our activities include working with Chatbots, Web-Design, Software Engineering, Rasberry-Pi and industrial talks.

The Team

Wayne Tan

Wayne is a year 2 Business kid. Apart from his love to code, cook and climb, you can find him in his natural habitat, otherwise known as the basketball court.

Zames Chua

Zames is currently a year 2 Computer Science student. He also has an unrequited love for hackathons so be sure to hit him up for any hackathons!

Tan Renyi

Ren Yi is second year mechanical engineering student. He enjoys problem solving and believes that technology is the answer to many of the world’s most pressing issue.

Djunarto Ng

Djunarto is a second year Mechanical Engineering student who likes to make things and is currently hoping to broaden his programming experience beyond just CS1010E.

Wei Liang

Wei liang is a Year 1 Business Administration student. He is interested in learning more about programming and tinkering with devices! If you are interested too, join tCoders because that's what we do!


Boston is a year 1 Information Security student. He is interested in all things regarding security and loves to play with new technology.

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